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Mon Essentiel!

Oh god.

I don't know how I got into Le  Roi Soleil.  I think someone gifted it sometime ago in a community and I downloaded it and took a listen.  And them, I watched Christophe Mae's Ca Marche video.  And, I think my infatuation with this musical was born.  Without even a full listen through the musical I went to Amazon.fr and I bought (used) the DVD for cheap.  And when it came in, I quickly downloaded the script someone posted and watched and read it.  And, in the end, the musical has become one of my favourites.  :) 

Anyway, I love this musical because I love the songs.  They can be rock, they can be ballads, they can be fun, they can be sad... But, what makes them work is the AMAZING voices everyone has.

I love finding out foreign language musicals because I really think it breaks language/regional bariers!  And, I love seeing that there are some American fans out there! 

I plan on purchasing the actual album.  But from what Amazon.com shows me, the tracks on the Blue 2 Disc CD are all mixed up.  And I was wondering if that was a goof?  And that when you buy the album they are actually in order. 

Does anybody know if this is to be revived or is it dead for now?  Because the fact it didn't last long saddens me. :*(

Other things about me:  I <3 musicals, I love foreign musicals, and I like to write.  So once in a while, you might come across some musical related fiction by me! 
Hi everyone.
I'm not usually a huge fan of musical theatre, but I am Louis le Grand's number one fan and will support anything to do with him. I'm also a fan of Monsieur and Mme de Montespan, my favourite personalities from his court. I'm disappointed that the musical did not include Monsieur's wife, Madame, another very colourful character, but I suppose you couldn't include ALL the women in Louis' long life.

I actually really enjoyed this musical; I liked the chemistry between Anne d'Autriche and Cardinal Mazarin. I didn't really like the portrayal of the character of Mme de Maintenon (or, to a lesser extent, Marie Mancini) who in reality seem a lot harder, calculating, and less innocent.

I hope this musical has inspired more people to be interested in the history and to visit Versailles.

More Icons - Le Roi Soleil

Here are some more icons I made today from stills and promotional pictures of Le Roi Soleil.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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A Review of Le Roi Soleil...

...from a fan in South Africa!

First off, I don’t speak French. Not a drop. At a stretch, merci and bonjour would occasionally find its way into my vocabulary if I were being facetious. So, with that non-existent knowledge of the language, I still managed so discover something new to be excited about - even if it is years after the musical was famous!

 A few weeks ago, I made a new acquaintance and we seemed to have lots in common. A love of period drama and literature.

 On a whim, she sent me the official video for the single, Je Fais de Toi Mon Essentiel. I really liked it. The lyric was unfamiliar, but it flowed and the video was really pretty. So, I dug a little deeper. Next, I listened to the song, La Vie Passe.

 At this point I was a goner. I braved amazon.fr, the only place selling the musical on dvd, and thanked the God’s for the fact that I was already so familiar with the American and UK sites. So even though everything was in French, it worked the very same way. Exactly one week later, Le Roi Soleil arrived!

I outline the plot below. As mentioned, i dont speak French, so if my impressions of anything are off or wrong, please let me know! The dialogue especially i wish to be able to understand...

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Sun Queen

I recently watched this play and LOVED it, despite not speaking a word of French myself. Ive made some icons ...

BTW - The 'Sun Queen' bit refers to me being the Queen to Louis King. haha


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A Christophe Maé Community

Hi! I'm Mel from Italy.
I read the community rules on the user info page and I found nothing about promoting sites, so I hope this is allowed. Anyway if it's not I beg you pardon and please delete this entry and it will be okay! (And forgive my English mistakes!^^)

I wish to let you know that chrismae is born. It's a community entirely devoted to Christophe Maé, basically an Italian community (because there was no Italian reference point about Chris on the net and we felt the need to have one) but it's open to fans from all over the world and you can write your entries and comments in Italian, English or French, as you prefer. ^_^ Join us!

Newbie with icons

Hey, everyone! My name's Linda, I'm new to this community but not to Le Roi Soleil. I love this musical very much, in spite of my poor French. :D Anyway, I made some Christophe Maé icons (actually 13), which you might like. The usericon I'm using for this post is one of them.

They're here @ my journal.

Also, I'm looking for some good quality unwatermarked images from the musical. I could only find a few yet, and I really want to make some LRS icons.. Oh, and does anyone have the picture on the right side of this header? Or any part, I love these pictures. Thanks in advance! :)

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